International Soybean Arthropod Collection

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The Arthropod Collection

Begun in 1970, the International Soybean Arthropod Collection (ISAC) currently comprises nearly 300,000 arthropod specimens in various stages of curation. Extensive as well as intensive arthropod surveys of all the major soybean growing regions of the United States were undertaken in the early to mid 1970's. That material serves as the backbone of the collection. In addition, the collection contains arthropods from over 40 other countries, with extensive holdings from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, and Thailand.

Ecological Data

Quantitative as well as qualitative data are associated with most of the specimens. Beyond this, meaningful data about soybean cultivar, planting practices, prior pesticide use, neighboring crops, weediness of field, and other ecological factors are tied to each specimen through a set of detailed, site-specific data sheets.

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